Fishing Mount Rushmore!

Horse Thief Lake, South Dakota

Okay, so it's not technically AT Mount Rushmore, but it's the closest lake to it! Horse Thief Lake (Horsethief Lake) is located just two miles west of the famous monument and the fishing here is phenomenal, and very family friendly too I might add! Parking is free and there is very easy access to the lake. Firm stairs and hand rails lead you right down to a clean trail that extends all around the lake. There are also fishing docks, bathrooms, and camping sites so although this isn't exactly extreme fishing, it is definitely a pristine location to have an incredible family adventure and get your dose of great fishing in for the day! This lake was recently dredged to better the water quality and clarity of the lake and with it being nestled in the middle of the Black Hills, the scenery is beautiful!

Interesting fact: Horsethief Lake got its name from an actual band of horse thieves that operated in the area.

Lake Details:

Elevation: 1,495 meters above sea level

Fish Species: Trout

Fishing Accessibility: Shore, docks, float tubes, or ice fishing.

Have you had the opportunity to try the world-class fishing in the Black Hills of South Dakota? Where are your favorite spots and what's the best way to fish them? Please share in the comments below!

Map to Horse Thief Lake, South Dakota

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