Who We Are


Get a custom fishing rod constructed with the highest quality materials and designed according to your exact specifications. Bakkan Fishing crafts unique fishing poles that allow you to experience the sport at its maximum potential. When you build your own fishing pole through our company, you invest in a gorgeous and durable rod that doubles as a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Every fishing rod we build is completely unique and made to order. You choose what type of rod blank, guides, and reel seat is used, as well as the species of hardwood used in the grip, thread wrap pattern, and colors. We can even engrave text or an image into the wooden grip for complete personalization. Since our company builds each custom fishing rod and reel one at a time, we are able to pour our attention and energy into every pole and ensure it will exceed your expectations. We are proud to always go the extra mile towards helping you fish with style.

Bakkan Fishing takes pride in producing the most personalized fishing rods available. After deciding on the specs of your rod, choose from 7 different exotic wood stocks which will be individually turned, carved, treated, and finished to produce your beautiful and unique grips. Then choose from dozens of different thread colors to be used on your guide and decorative wraps. Feel free to use our app to play with color combinations and get a glimpse of how your wraps will look. You can then add decals, name, text, and any other special requests and our professionals will go the extra mile to make it happen. Once you have placed your order with your personalized specs your rod will be built by skilled hands and shipped within 2-3 weeks, or make it a priority built and have it shipped within one week. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, thanks!