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OBJECTIVE: Catch the biggest bass with a Bakkan Fishing soft plastic bait.

Each contestant will receive one pack of only FIVE high-quality soft plastic baits. The baits will be different shapes and colors at random so you need to be on your game!

PRIZE: $100 G-Card towards a custom rod.


  1. You must catch your bass on one of the baits provided
  2. You must take a picture of the bass with the bait STILL IN THE FISH'S MOUTH
  3. You need a picture of the fish with the bait next to an accurate measuring stick/tape. The measurement is from the mouth to the tip of the tail. Measure in inches. No cheating, any photos that have been tampered with will be deleted.
  4. Your photo entries must be published to the official Bakkan Bass Fishing facebook group by the last day of July at midnight. Good luck!

Join Bakkan Fishing Groups HERE.


START: JULY 1, 2020

END: JULY 31, 2020

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