Saltwater Travel Rods

There is no need to depend on rented equipment on your long awaited fishing trips, and no need to worry about ridiculous airline fees to bring a high quality rod. At Bakkan Fishing we specialize on building the highest quality travel rods available, and we make each one custom and unique according to your specifications.

Blank: Our Heavy Duty saltwater travel rods are made out of a compound material that gives the maximum strength and durability for its weight. Although the rod is 7ft. the length of each of the 3 sections is a mere 33 inches, short enough to easily carry on most airplanes as a carry-on and not pay the ridiculous $100/pole fee. It’s a heavy power and fast action rod rated for 20lb-50lb line.

Guides: We use only high quality guides on each rod, both casting and spinning. We use Silicon Carbide ring inserts because of the hardness and smoothness of the inserts, and they work great with powerlines. The frames are either titanium or stainless steel for maximum resistance to corrosion in saltwater conditions. Roller guides are also available for an additional cost.

Reel Seat: We use Alps all stainless steel reel seats with double ring locks to secure your reel. We use plenty of epoxy to reduce the risk of it ever coming lose.

Exotic Hardwood Grips: Our hardwood grips add an exotic and custom touch to each of our rods. We offer several different species including African mahogany, Redheart, Yellowheart, Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Padauk, and Eastern Red Cedar. Each grip is hand turned without any jigs to make each one unique and beautiful. We engrave your name and any text you would like into the grips.

Threadwork: You have the option of either 1 or 2 colors of thread plus a metallic accent color. On saltwater rods we always put a base of thread down and then attach the guides on top so that the guides will never score and weaken the blank, even when the rod is under high tension. We then use the same colors to do a custom and unique decorative wrap to make the rod into a jaw-dropping piece of art. All threadwork is color treated to retain its color with sunlight exposure and then covered in multiple coatings of the highest quality non-yellowing epoxy for a crystal clear finish.

Warranty: This rod comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This limited lifetime warranty only covers defects in materials used in building the rod or workmanship; any damage caused by misuse, abuse or tampering with the rod by other than normal use of the rod; or any non-conformity or damage resulting from repairs performed other than by Bakkan Fishing or an authorized Bakkan Fishing service provider is not covered.

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